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Greenwich Lax Legend Passes Away

Ed McGuinn passed away on October 31, 2018. Ed was one of the original members of GYL.

Ed was a fixture in our lacrosse community as a parent, coach and board member for Greenwich Youth Lacrosse as well as respected lacrosse referee both at the high school and collegiate levels. Ed’s involvement with GYL for over 25 years allowed him to touch many lives. He lived by his golden rule of three "F's" coaching -Fun, Fair, Firm.

Coach Peter Simpson mentioned that Ed coached many girls that came through the GHS program and that he had a opportunity to coach side by side with Ed for years. GHS Alum Courtney McConnell Weill commented that he inspired her and her teammates on and off the field. She continued, "he was absolutely the best."

We were told a story that not only did Ed serve as a coach for GYL, he also was a referee for high school and college games and he donated his earnings from officiating to charity.

He was loved by all and will be miss by all that knew him.

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