Team MVP
Coach's Award

2021    Grace Collier

2019    Grace Fahey and

                Paige Finneran

2018    Genevieve DeWinter

2021     Delaney Roth

2020     Grace Collier

2019     Katie Large

2018     Sailor Jiranek

Olivia Miller Courage Award

Earned by a player who shows leadership and  friendship and is part of the "glue" that makes her teammates want to be a TEAM!  Olivia is known for courage in the face of adversity and persistence without complaint; characteristics that inspire those around her.  The recipient of this award similarly inspires her teammates. 

2021     Grace Collier

2020     Leah Caputo

2019     Olivia Caan

2018     Harley Guerrieri

2017     Katie Finneran

2016     Tate Hatter

2015     Kylie Ginsburg

2014     Nicole Graham

2013     Sophia Waine

2012     Emma Christie

2011     Maddie Johnson

2010     Kaitlin Bedford

2009     Hana Bowers

Emily Fedorko Spirit Award

Awarded to a player who is competitive while being supportive of her teammates.  This player consistently exudes a positive attitude and is known for a big smile.  Through her actions on and off the field, she honors Emily's legacy.    

2021     Sophia Neitzell

2020     Kate Loughran

2019     Courtney Swift

2018     Jen Piotrzkowski

2017     Courtney Swift

2016     Erika Bloes

Gus Lindine Unsung Hero Award

2021     MK Savio

2020     Jessica Ware

2019     Delaney Roth

Earned by the quintessential “team player” who consistently does the things that are needed for team success but are not found on any “stat” sheets.  The award is named after our Athletic Director who humbly and tirelessly goes above and beyond for our Program.

Sportsmanship Award
Most Improved

2019    Emma Norton

2018    Alyx Carifa

2019    Cameron Castelli

2018    Jordan Stefanowicz